Northumberland Cottage

The River Breamish & Brandon

River Breamish Brandon

This is an achievable walk or ride for toddlers and children of all ages, being flat but with lots of interesting things to see and do. A push-chair will manage the road OK, give or take a few pot-holes on the way! A few things for the kids to spot en route are: horses or sheep and lambs in the fields on the left opposite Breamish Valley Cottages and on the hill straight ahead; apple trees in the small orchard on the corner before you take the right hand turn towards the river; a small (private) indoor swimming pool at the top of the lane; swallows all over the place in the spring and lots of chaffinches, blue tits and robins all year round - bats at night!; hawthorn bushes in abundance along the road side; cows in the fields; East Hill to your left; rabbits and often hares in the field. There is a footbridge over the river Breamish (this has been rebuilt and officially reopened after severe flooding destroyed it a number of years ago) and in summer you may be able to wade through the ford in wellies if the river is low enough. There are many wild flowers in the spring and summer; blackberries in the Autumn; butterflies in the summer; a red letter box in the small hamlet of Brandon across the river; a small grassy football pitch with goal posts in Brandon. So who's for a game of I Spy?


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