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Brough Law


Brough Law

Brough Law has an iron age hill fort at the top, and fine views over the valley and to some of the higher peaks. You can get to the bottom of the hill by car, or alternatively take a fine 6 mile round route (or there and back), which takes you on a stunning moorland walk, with spectacular views from the top of Cockrane Pike.

a) By car (about 3 miles to the start, and a short, steep walk at the hill)

Just past Ingram on the road going up the Breamish Valley, you come to a car park on your right (the river side). Park there, cross the road and head up the hill on the good path (heading upwards and up the valley). You will know you are near the top when you cross the stones which form the perimeter of an iron age hill fort.

b) By foot from the cottage (about 6 miles, quite strenuous, map and compass required for round route)

Turn right out the front door, and proceed up the road for about 200 meters until you turn right along the road leading to the Breamish River. Proceed along the road for just over a quarter of a mile (after the road has straightened), and turn left at the waymark for Ingram. Cross the field (at right angles to the road) to a gate, proceed through the gate and head half right to a stile. Turn right after the stile and follow the path at the bottom and around East Hill, ending up walking parallel to the river which you can see below to your right. Walk for about 1/2 mile, dipping towards the river when the ground becomes more open (and undulating) - to the well marked footpath to Ingram Mill, and then Ingram. When you join the road at Ingram, continue straight on along what is a tree lined road (running parallel to the river, which you cannot see on this part of the road). Less than half a mile past the cattle grid (which is shortly after the last houses of Ingram) you will come to a car park on your right. Proceed as directed above for the car version.

You can return the same way, or, if you have a map and compass (do not try this without a map and compass, as the paths are less clear, and the route is open moorland), return from the top of Brough Law to the top of Cockrane Pike. From the top of Cockrane Pike, head straight down from the top in an easterly direction (the steepest route), following the looping path which eventually heads in a more northerly direction to either Fawdon, or Clinch (both farms). Well marked footpaths through fields take you back to Branton (either way).


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