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Happy Valley

Happy Valley Happy Valley

If you head north on the A697 towards Wooler, past the turnings to Lilburn, Chillingham and Ilderton, take a left hand turn towards South Middleton, heading westwards. Keep going on this road, taking the right hand fork, then through Middleton (an estate farm of red paintwork) and down hill to the Ford. If it isn't too deep you can cross the river and park in the car park on the other side, but there is usually space to park before the river crossing, on the side of the road.

The footpath starts at the footbridge over the river, then bears left into the woods. These are full of bluebells and wild flowers in the spring. The wooded bit is negotiable with a push chair, and lasts about a mile, before a stile and the path opens into grassland along the river. You can go as far as you like and return the same route, or using a map, you can walk up the river, then cross at the bridge. You then follow a route up hill, onto the ridge coming back on the other side, via a tarn (small lake on the hillside), where you'll find lots of frogs at the right time of year. There is a waterfall near the end of the walk which ultimately descends to the estate farm, which you drove past to get to the start. This walk is about 4-5 miles, round trip.


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