Northumberland Cottage


You can cycle to the start of the walking part, or take your car. You will need a map and compass in case of bad weather (Hedgehope is about 2,500 feet, and the second highest peak in the Cheviots).

If cycling, from the cottage front door you turn right, and after about 2 hundred meters turn right again and follow the lane to the river. At the river, use the ford or the bridge to cross, and once on the other side of the river, turn left along the road to ingram. Go through ingram and carry on the road up the Breamish Valley, past the farms at Greenside and Hartside and to the few houses at Linhope. When you find the waymark to Linhope Spout (waterfall), park the bike and by foot follow the signs to the waterfall. The Cycle trip (each way) is around 7 hilly miles.

The waterfall is a beautiful spot for a picnic. By this time you are part way up Hedgehope, and you follow the track up the hill. It is a steep and long walk to the top, but the reward is a stunning view. Return the same way.

If going by car, you have to drive to the A697, turn left, and take the left turn to Brandon and Ingram. You drive down the road along the Breamish Valley, past Ingram and to the point at Hartside where there is a sign saying you cannot take your car further. Park the car near the sign, continue along the road by foot to Linhope, and follow the same route as the cycling option.


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