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Powburn Powburn

There is a 2 mile "there and back" route, and a 3 mile round route. The start is the same for both routes. The footpath from Branton takes you across fields with great views of Titlington pike, Glanton hill and pike, and Crawley fortified farmhouse.

You can enjoy a pub lunch at the Plough and browse in Cheviot Antiques. Children will enjoy the fabulous new playground just in the village near the bridge, with it's 'flying fox' ride, swings and climbing apparatus. You can come back the same way enjoying view of a line of hills (Fawdon, East and West hills). The longer round route takes you over the Breamish river and along fields via Brandon, with amazing views of Hedgehope, Dummoor hill, Brough Law and the Breamish Valley.

Walk a short distance from the cottage along the road directly in front of the cottage and take the footpath to the left (over a stile), waymarked for Powburn. You go past the farm, straight through a gate and up a track with a gentle incline to another gate. Go straight through the gate and into a field with "leaning trees" (in the direction of the prevailing westerly wind) to your left and to another gate which is next to a horse jumping fence. From here you can see Powburn and Hedgely. Go straight through the gate and head down the gentle descent (with a fence to your right) to the junction of the field and the small road where there is a fence and a waymarker for Branton (pointing the way you have come). Walk along the small road towards Powburn, and when it reaches the A697, cross the main road, and turn right. The Plough is 200 metres along the road.

Return the same way or for a longer (3 miles in total) route walk back along the A697(on the same side as the Plough), past Hedgely Services and the road to Branton to the bridge over the Breamish river. Cross the road at the bridge and continue along the road for 50 metres to a waymark to Brandon at a gate to your left. Follow the path straight through the field to a stile, again straight through another field to another stile, again go staight through the field to another stile. At this point there is a small copse on your right. Head straight after the stile for a short distance, to a ditch with an eath bridge. Go over the bridge and head half right to a stile. Go straight ahead at the stile for a couple of hundred meters and then head half left to a stile at the top of a small bank in the field. Go straight over the stile to the wall of a disused cemetry. Follow the wall round, through a gate and to a further gate at the road. Go through the gate and turn left along the road passed the pretty hamlet of Brandon. Follow the road to the left, and instead of straithenting with the road, carry on, along a track to a footbride over the river Breamish. Once over the brige follow the lane for half a mile to the junction with another road. Turn left along the road and within a few metres you are back in Branton.


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